Our overall aim is to enhance public awareness of the economic, political and social potential of mobility and to improve the framework conditions for the transport industry.

1. Safeguard Germany as a transport location

  • Develop a future-oriented infrastructure
  • Ensure fair competition within and between the various transport modes
  • Achieve harmonisation for all market players
  • romote the dismantling of bureaucratic hurdles and liberalisation at national and international level

2. Create an infrastructure that keeps pace with demand

  • Involve private partners in the financing process
  • Bring a European perspective to infrastructure development
  • Promote seamless, uninterrupted international transport
  • Develop the European rail freight transport network
  • Implement the Single European Sky

 3. Promote intelligent networking

  • Freely exchange data across the boundaries of companies, systems and states
  • Provide up-to-date traffic information unhampered by barriers
  • Standardise system interfaces
  • Give fresh impetus to harmonisation of toll systems

4. Improve environmental protection and safety

  • Promote investment by the transport industry in technological advances, taking climate protection into account
  • Increase use of the infrastructure through improved logistics
  • Expand infrastructure in line with objectively-established priorities
  • Encourage politicians and government agencies to advocate the efficient funding and use of research projects.





Nußbaum zur Bundesfernstraßengesellschaft

"Die vom Bundestag beschlossenen grundgesetzlichen Rahmenbedingungen für eine zentrale Verwaltung der Bundesfernstraßen durch den Bund sind ein Kompromiss, aber mit großem Potenzial für die Zukunft“, kommentiert Dr. Ulrich...


Sitzung des Lenkungskreises 'Digitale Vernetzung'

Berlin / 11.10.2017

Aufgabe für die neue Bundesregierung: Investieren!

DVF zur Bundestagswahl 2017:

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