Mobility is one of the most important factors for (economic) growth and prosperity in Germany and Europe. In order to safeguard and improve mobility, about 170 German and European member companies and associations have joined forces in the Deutsches Verkehrsforum.


In constant dialogue with politicians, scientists, the media and the public at large, the Deutsches Verkehrsforum is a dynamic stimulus provider, competent knowledge manager and politically independent platform rolled into one. We see our role as that of an "advocate for mobility" and promulgate an integrated transport system that is efficient, customer-oriented, affordable, resource-saving and eco-friendly.


Stimulus provider

The Deutsches Verkehrsforum is the only multi-modal industry association in Europe. As the lobby for all modes of transport, we provide stimuli for the political decision-makers. In Berlin and Brussels, we proactively promote competition and the elimination of red tape.


Knowledge manager

The Deutsches Verkehrsforum establishes a link between the transport industry and other sectors of the economy. Experienced, high-calibre industry representatives contribute to our work. This allows us to act as a knowledge manager that consolidates, evaluates and imparts information and knowledge.



The Deutsches Verkehrsforum is the platform that reinforces interests relating to the transport industry. At the intersection between business, politics and science, we create opportunities for dialogue relating to all aspects of mobility.





Nußbaum zum Klimaschutzplan

Mit Blick auf den Klimaschutzplan 2050 der Bundesregierung plädiert das Deutsche Verkehrsforum (DVF) für eine konzertierte Aktion von Politik und Wirtschaft zur Modernisierung des Mobilitätssektors. Dr. Ulrich Nußbaum,...


Sitzung des Lenkungskreises 'Straßenverkehr'

Berlin / 01.06.2017

Eck: Sehr gute Vorschläge mit Leben erfüllen und rasch anwenden

DVF lobt Ergebnisse des Innovationsforums Planungsbeschleunigung

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